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tanzania mountain climbing

tanzania mountain climbing

Here below is Tanzania Mountain Climbing reasonable climbing rates to make sure the price cover Governments entrance fee, Concession Fees, Camping fees, Crater service fee, Hut fees, climbing rescue fees, Mountain Guide fees, Porters fee, Cook fees, Lodge bills where applicable, and all tax bills.

To be honest Tanzania Mountain Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not a cheap holiday! Of course you try to save money where you can.

The temptation is big to go hunting for the cheapest Tanzania Mountain Climbing Kilimanjaro climb.



Do not start your search for a Tanzania Mountain Climbing Kilimanjaro climb by looking at the cost first.

If you do, you may end up paying the ultimate price, or someone else may have to pay it for you…

Tanzania Mountain Climbing Prices between operators do vary wildly depending on the quality/experience/expertise from $1000 to $4000 and above.

(There are some operators advertising cheap Tanzania Mountain Climbing Kilimanjaro climbs that cost below $1000.

Mountain Climbing Tanzania Kilimanjaro Mount Meru Arusha

Don’t go there…

Actually, don’t go below $1500 including transfer, and accommodation. You’ll see why…)

Be sure to get a good company – watch out for Kili Cowboys, make sure prices include Park Fees and they use proper porter/guide ratios, operate under Kilimanjaro National Park regulations, with Company of long established and have a good reputation.

Tanzania Mountain Climbing Kilimanjaro porters are not usually employed permanently.

Some quality responsible operators have teams of porters that they use on all their climbs, but most porters freelance.

They may walk to the National Park gate every day, sometimes for many miles, hoping that someone will be looking for porters.

That’s where many budget operators pick up their porters.

Budget operators do not pay their staff well, in some cases not at all. Kilimanjaro porters don’t have many options.

There are many more porters available than needed, and they are all desperate for work.

A porter on a budget Tanzania Mountain Climbing Kilimanjaro climb may not get paid at all by the company.

Those porters rely solely on your tips to feed their family. Correspondingly you will be expected (and if needed hassled) to pay much higher tips than you would on a quality climb.

Your porters will likely still end up with less money in their hands, since few climbers are aware of this. (And if you pay all tips to the guide to distribute, the porters may see little if any of the money.

A responsible Tanzania Mountain Climbing climb operator will have tents and equipment not only for clients, but also for staff.

That costs money.

Carrying that equipment up and down the mountain needs extra porters.

That costs money.
Feeding the porters in a way that actually sustains them during the climb also costs money, both for the food itself and for carrying it up the mountain.

Every year several Tanzania Mountain Climbing Kilimanjaro porters die, but you won’t hear about it. They die of exposure (freeze to death), a result of the insufficient clothing, shelter and food supplied to them during the climb.

Also, was it really such a great buy if you then fail to make it to the summit?

Would you really feel good to know that children have to go hungry or aren’t able to continue their education, just so you could save a few bucks? I didn’t think so.

Make no mistake: very, very few Tanzania Mountain Climbing operators pay or treat their porters fairly. Some of the big, well known outfitters are amongst the worst.

Don’t assume just because someone is mentioned in a big guidebook they must be doing the right thing.

More often than not they don’t.

Book a cheap Tanzania Mountain Climbing Kilimanjaro climb and you are fully supporting the shameless exploitation of the very people who make it possible for you to climb Kilimanjaro at all, the Kilimanjaro porters.

For more information on the plight of porters on Kilimanjaro, and for information on very worthwhile projects that are trying to improve the situation.

Few tourists are aware why the cost of Tanzania Mountain climbing Kilimanjaro is so high and where the budget operators cut corners to drop the prices.

Let’s look at where your money actually goes, what you pay for, and why. Several hundred climb operators are competing for business on Kilimanjaro, which has resulted in a cut throat price war. Good for you, you may think… Drops the prices…

Well, sure, it does, but at what cost? If operators drop prices they also have to cut expenses to stay profitable.

The steep ( are something that nobody can change.

For a six day/five night camping trek you pay $695 in fees alone and this is per person.

So where can operators save? And how does it affect you.

You want to book a climb that is run by mountaineers, people who understand mountains, who understand the risks and know how to manage them.

People who care about you, about how much you’ll enjoy the trek, about their staff and about the mountain.

You will not find those people for $1100. In fact, you won’t find them for under $1500.

For a six day Tanzania Mountain Climbing Kilimanjaro climb, booked in advance, that is the absolute minimum cost that you should budget for, and you will be sacrificing quality of experience at that level (e.g. you will be climbing on a more crowded or less scenic Kilimanjaro route).

Tanzania Mountain Climbing Kilimanjaro climbs that cost less are guaranteed to cut corners.

But not every climb above $1500 is guaranteed to be a quality, safe one! Not by a long shot.

You better do some thorough research if you want to book in that range!

There are other factors that determine the final cost of your Kilimanjaro climb and that allow you to save some money.

The larger the climb group, the lower the price per person.

There are operators who put over 20 people in one group. Add to that at least two porters per person, cooks, assistant guides and guides…

And you have a whole army trekking up that mountain!

I think I’d rather spend a few dollars extra…

A Tanzania Mountain Climbing private climb with two people is very expensive, but a group of up to twelve people is bearable and affordable.

At least that’s how I experienced it. I was a school Teacher before with a long experience of becoming a Tour Operator. I can write and write but the truth remains.

What will also determine the overall cost is the route you’ll be taking. The more scenic and less crowded routes are more expensive.

That’s discussed in the section about Kilimanjaro climb route. So $1600 is probably a half decent climb up the Machame route, but you won’t be finding that on the Lemosho route.

And last but not least, booking from overseas is more expensive than booking when you contact us direct.

You will have the piece of mind of knowing when your trek will depart, that it will indeed depart, and you have the time to do research and ensure you are with a responsible and reasonable Tanzania Mountain Climbing Tour Operator.


Tipping Guidelines (
Chief Guide $20 per day
Assistant Guide $15 per day
Cook $10 per day
Porter $5 per day

Tanzania Mountain Climbing Tips should not be dependent on whether you summit or not but rather whatever they were professional and had your best interests in mind.

If your Tanzania Mountain Climbing guides and porters have not met your expectations please inform Tanzania Safaris Zanzibar immediately and don’t feel obligated to give a tip. If they press you for a tip during your trek inform Tanzania Safaris Zanzibar as well as this is against company policy.

Our Rates are standard and our service is of high quality and hereby takes this opportunity to introduce ourselves to your fabulous selves seeking for consideration to be your agent to ground handlers in Tanzania.

Our guides are of Linguistics and most of them speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and Germany.

We use a fleet of standard Land cruisers and extended land cruiser for our safari both in Arusha and Kilimanjaro Tanzania.